DDOS AttacksOriginally Originated From .edu’s and .gov’s

Earlier this week there was a Cyber attack on a Forum site, thousands of outdated WordPress blogs were abused to perform attack’s. Since our security team has secured our blog by patching into to WP’s server’s so we are safe. but these Blogs were Abused to perform DDOS attacks useing a term known as vulnerabilities.

Thousands of outdated .EDU and .GOV WordPress sites used in DDoS Attacks

After The officals analyzed the log file from the vic’s server, CSU has noticed that the wordpress cms based educational and government’s websties from where the attack was originally originated.

wp has bulit in a function which relates and hold the term pingback, it allows anyone to intimate a request from wp to an arbitary sire and it can be used for a single machine to originate millions of requestes from multiple locations.


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